Clear Your Energy and Make Way for Abundance!

clear your energy and make way for abundance
I have been noticing how I feel after I meditate or do my Nia practice.  I am sensing the flow of my energy – my thoughts, the way my body feels, my emotions…. There is most certainly an openness, a joyfulness, a feeling of fulfillment, contentment. I feel grateful, abundant. And I think, I have to hold on to that!  So I concentrate on the information, the vibration.
What if we could just open up all our flows… of energy, of consciousness, of love…. Think of the abundance that would flow our way!
Affirmation – I am open to the flow of abundance!
And yes, get excited about it. Get your vibration as high as you can. Clear your energy – meditate, practice yoga, Nia, or a martial art… the key is mindful movement.  
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Set Your Vibration

set your vibration to receive love copy

Every thought, feeling, sound, or action from us contributes to the nature of the vibration that emanates from our body.  The truth is that we can attract similar energy vibrations to us.  Have you ever been with a group of friends where the joy is so infectious that your belly hurt from all the laughter?  Or conversely with a friend who was sad, and you felt that sadness in your own heart and soul.  It is so important to be mindful of our energy and what vibrational message we are sending out.  Breathing is the first step to our becoming aware of our energetic signature.  Just breathing deeply, fully, in complete cycles of inhalation and exhalation, will help get our energy moving. Another really helpful practice, is to each morning before you do anything else, wake up your body.  Spend the time each and every morning to ground and center yourself.  Whether it is a simple stretch sequence or a personal yoga practice,  spend the first few minutes of each day becoming mindful of how you feel – body, mind, heart, and soul.   Scan your body as you stretch, as you breathe… Notice where the kinks are, notice what thoughts are getting stuck, and breathe and move through it. Get your energy flowing.  Set your vibration to receive joy, happiness, patience, love… whatever it is that you want to embrace you. 

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A Chronic Case of Self-Judgment

there you go again with that self judgment.jpg.jpgIt is hard to look back at your life and not judge yourself.  And what is the point of doing that, anyway?  Judgment only traps you in a negative vibration cycle, one where you are constantly pitting yourself against what you may think have been a better path with better choices, a place where you can only find pain and regret, not a place of forgiving yourself for not knowing how a situation would play out, what the outcome of a relationship would be, or how it would effect the you in the future – the you NOW on a psychological, emotional, spiritual, and even physical level.  It is believed, and there is much scientific evidence, that our state of mind, the amount of stress or lightness of being, contributes to our overall health conditions.  It is also noted that a negative vibration pattern traps you not only in that dense gripping emotional fog where which way is up becomes clouded and almost imperceptible, but in a physical calamitous state, the psychic “dis- ease” permeating your entire body and energy field.  For that is what we are, energy.  We are able to manipulate our energy by our thoughts, which are also energy, by our love for ourselves and others and the world, by every action and reaction we make and have. Everything is energy and vibration.


A friend who is struggling with some personal issues wrote to me the other day. She thought that what she was going through, putting herself through, was making her physically ill.  It was an eye opening moment for me too.  As I have been struggling with some similar personal issues, and have been experiencing a lot of upset stomach days.  I am thinking back to when I was in my formative young adult years and how I felt, the illnesses I had, the emotional states, the intense life choices I was faced with.  I had to have surgery when I was in my 20’s that could have meant not being able to have children.  There was a whisper of “what if it’s cancer?”  But as my luck or destiny would have it, the surgery was successful, there was no cancer, and I went on to have three beautiful and creative souls (by c-section due to the surgery,) and the close call served to throw into the light what I thought was my true dream and purpose, to nurture and build a family.  That period of my life was not easy.  It was fraught with turbulent energy.  There were the emotionally abusive relationships – you know the ones, where you are convinced that person is the one, even though the conflicts are greater than any ease of time spent together.   I was trying to get a foothold on my career path and so there was stress with making the right connections and finding the right job.  I was trying to swim my way in the world.  It is in times like these that you wonder what is wrong with you and judgment is the overriding energy in your life.    Somehow you find a way to get through it all.  You rally and throw yourself into your friendships, and anything else you can, in search for what will make it all work, make it all make sense.


I think the hardest thing is to experience those kinds of struggles.  The ones that throw you off your game, that make you question your path, your value and self worth, your capability to cope with adversity, and your ability to see the light that shines within.  Maybe I have a chronic case of self-judgment?  Because I seem to always be in that struggle mode.  Some days are admittedly better than others, but most of the time, there is some underlying struggle, some battle going on inside of me.  The aching and pain in my heart and soul, that energy vibration, translates to aches and pain in my physical body.   And though I am married (it will be 23 years this June) and have the family I always wanted, there are still things that just don’t feel or sit right within me.  So I am still working on that self-judgment thing.  There is still great struggle within.


p.s.  As I was reading this over for the second time, I commented that it was almost there but that I should have started on it yesterday! My husband quickly pointed out, “there you go again with that self-judgment,” and I realized that I should create a “judgment jar” and each time I self- judge myself, I will put a dollar in the jar!