Simple Pleasures – Fun Things To Do This Summer

The lazy, sweet days of summer…
The summer is in full swing and I am thinking about things I can do to really enjoy the fruits of the season. I want to do things that will bring joy and meaning to my summer days. I started to think back to my childhood… I went to camp, played outside, spent my days at the beach… I was carefree and easy drinking bug juice and sailing the summer seas. Childhood immediately brings us to a time where we were playful, joyful, imaginative, and curious. I want this summer to be like that! We are not taking any vacation per say, but as you know I live on an island that is a vacation destination. My challenge to myself is to carve out a little time each day to find a simple pleasure of summer. Here are some of the things that I am going to try to do:

Simple Pleasures – Fun things to do this summer:

  1. Make a sun tea – my husband is always asking for iced tea and though he is a traditional iced tea drinker, I want to make some delicious herbal fruity drink too.
  2. Build a sandcastle – it is so wonderful to just focus on digging in the sand and molding shapes with water and your hands.
  3. Play hopscotch or jacks, or another favorite childhood game like Miss Mary Mack!  That will bring a smile to your face for sure!
  4. Go beachcombing – look for stones, shells, and beach glass, find the sea trinkets that are calling your name.
  5. Gather your family and friends and sit around a firepit and enjoy smores. Sing a campfire song or tell a scary story too!
  6. Retake a picture from an earlier time in your life. Family photos are really fun to do! We did that last summer – in the original photo my kids were 10, 7, and 4, in the re-do, they were 23, 20, and 17.
  7. Play in the waves.  Grab a boogie board or a raft and float in the sea.
  8. Have a bbq and play lawn games – croquet, wiffle or volleyball, or badminton. Capture the flag is one of our family favorites.
  9. Make a chalk drawing on a sidewalk. Let your creativity flow.
  10. 10. Go out for ice cream and an evening stroll. There is nothing like a summer evening and a gelato, ice cream or frozen yogurt. My favorite is frozen yogurt with a little hot fudge.
  11. Play a round of mini golf. When the sun goes down and you are looking for an evening activity, head to your local mini golf course. Make bets with each other and heighten the stakes and the laughs!
  12. Take an outdoor yoga or tai chi class. A great way to begin or end your day, movement and fresh air will help you ground and balance yourself.
  13. Spend an hour under a tree in a hammock. What a peaceful way to recharge and reflect.
  14. Sit outside and read or draw. I love just sitting on my deck with a cup of coffee or tea, reading from my current book, or with a sketchpad in hand, I might color my wildflower garden or the view of the water.
  15. Have a beach picnic at sunset. One of my favorite things to do is be on the beach at sunset. It is not so much the dropping of the sun into the sea, but the afterglow – the light and color in the sky is magnificent. And don’t forget your favorite food and beverages, or your chairs or blanket, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.
  16. Let me know what your summer simple pleasures are and more importantly, how they make you feel. This summer, let’s all feel the joy, the peace, and the love that we deserve.

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See The Light Within You

So often we search for something that will make us feel better, something that will make us feel inspired, loved.  I was watching the Dr. Wayne Dyer movie “The Shift” the other day. There were so many things that he talked about that made me laugh, cry, and think. But his words about how everything we needed was given to us in the womb resonated deeply for me.  That during those nine months of our development, we are given everything we need on every level – physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual – everything that we need to take us through our lives.  So the idea that everything is within us has been sitting within me. That we must search within ourselves for all that we feel for some reason is outside of us, out there somewhere.  But it is not.  The light that guides us, that loves us, that inspires us, is easily found within, if we can just dive deep, and see it.


be inspired. see the light within you.

The Very Essence

We seek and search our souls for our very purpose, our passion. And it is there – the glimmer of light, the kernel of absolute truth – within us. We must just access that place, our path, the one that we believe is ours, our destiny, where the very essence of who we truly are breathes and ignites.


there is a place in each of us

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Let the gratefulness flow… Day 2

What are you grateful for today?
what are you grateful for todayPositivity Challenge Day 2:
1. I am grateful for the sunshine that lights my day and brightens my path and generally makes everything look a little better than I thought. 
2. I am grateful that I live so close to the ocean – and that I am able to see, hear, and feel it everyday. I make it a point to see the water at least once in my day, usually it is a walk on the beach, weather permitting of course!
3. I am grateful for the birds that sing outside my window in my backyard – reminding me that there is so much in life to sing and be happy about. Whenever I see creatures of nature I stop and watch how amazing life truly is. 
Please join in and share what you are grateful for!


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Twinkle Toed Sunset

I watched the sun set to the sea.

And the fireflies dance along the wildflowers.

The sky was a deep pink, red, and blue pastel

Shaded in hues beyond a rainbow’s.

The tiny flash of golden light twinkle toed.

It dotted and sparkled

As it lyrically played in the field.

The moon had risen and the first star shone,

Beckoning “I wish I may I wish I might”

For the dreams to wish come true this night.

The sky now richer and darker than its earlier self,

Echoed thoughts of how with each day

We too are a deeper version of ourselves.

Each sunrise and sunset informs us

Of wisdom and lessons learned,

Truths remain constant in the morning light,

Illusions fall away, having no air to breathe and grow.

Life is here and now with those who love and nurture and honor

The light that twinkles and dances as the firefly within us all.


Swimming in the Collective of Mermaid Sisters

The Law of Attraction works in mysterious ways. I have recently recognized how many women have come into my life, how many mermaids have swum into my cove, how many of us share the same emotional collective consciousness of experience, betrayal, and doubts to our self worth, all under the auspices of relationships and love. Like attracts like, positive attracts positive… and though we all did not necessarily recognize the why of our initial connection, it is clear now that we are sisters, our journey one.

I hear myself talking to these goddess friends, for they are all beautiful, amazing, creative, soulful, giving creatures of the sea. We write to each other, speaking of our soul wounds, seeking the channels to swim to healing waters. We speak from places that seem to be one and the same, always marveling at how another could feel the same things, having experienced the very exact hurt or question. We collectively are the net for each other – making sure that we don’t get so tangled that we can not possibly remain free and keep moving, insuring that there is a kindred soul to lend a hand or an ear, assuring that we can and will survive these turbulent waters.   There is much laughter, and many tears, but there is survival. We tell each other that we will get through this… that it will get better…that we have the strength and the love to persevere.

And I know that I am doing better, that I am getting stronger, that I am processing it all and navigating through the hurt and the pain to the realizations of personal healing and strength. I know that my getting there is largely due to these other women in my life, and that without them, I would be floating in some emotional oblivion somewhere. We all, with our own emotional crashes, provide an opportunity to look at what we are going through, and support each other with our personal experience and insight, all the time reflecting the lessons and perspectives, as if we are each a mirror turning this way and that. Careful not to be blinded by the ego’s desires, which are of fantasy and imagination, our true stories surface easily in the light. And with each day we all rise from the depths of our personal seas, breathing more easily, having more clarity, more knowledge, and more vision of who we truly are and the needs of our hearts and souls.

My Lightness of Being

I wake up.  My eyes open and sunlight floods my senses.  Light is a wonderful thing.  This winter has been difficult at best.  The darkness of the past few months stands as a metaphor for the darkness within.  In my hibernation, within myself, I sometimes get lost in the weariness, in the despair and sadness, and in the frustration and discontent of it all.

It is also in those quiet, introspective times that we find our most frail and vulnerable selves.  In those moments a finger is pointed at our most sensitive character, our least worthy, least lovable, and weakest selves.  And so we tumble into our personal darkness, clinging to something, anything, anyone… that can prevent us from falling completely into emotional oblivion.  We seek that hand that can grab hold of us, and then somehow pull us from the caverns of our soul.

I reached for the hand of a healer. And I had a most remarkable energy healing session the other day.  The dark aspect of me, one that was rooted in a hallow sadness, was brought to the me in the “now.”  It was remarkable because from the moment she was identified, I knew her to be the true place of my darkness.  I could see her clouded perspective. Her presence, denoted by a thick grey fog, had become a permanent dweller in my being.  The healing session brought forth so much insight, shedding light, literally, on my experiencing such darkness, such sadness.  I was amazed that I was able to see the energy of this aspect, that I was able to understand on an intuitive soul level, where she came from and what she represented.  Immediately there was clarity. Through guidance and visualization, I was asked to transmute the energy, bringing light to her and upon her.  I watched as my highest self embraced this somber one, and how I was able to transform her by shining that light and love.  Her hair, once dark and lifeless, turned to a beautiful golden light brown, and her clothes changed from a grey brown to a billowy off white.  Instead of sorrow, her hands now held a huge bouquet of daisies.  It was that image that I would integrate now.  It was that persona that would dance in my soul.

I am holding on strong to that lightness of my being, cautiously wary that the dark exists, and that I must consciously keep shining that love and light on not only that little girl persona that lives so deeply within me, but on me, the me right now, in this moment.  It takes great determination and purposeful practice to keep the light shining, keep the positive energy and outlook.

I think that we all must work so hard at keeping our darkness at bay.  That darkness is a shadow aspect and often eludes our conscious self.  But we must bring it to consciousness.  It is only there that we can truly see that part of us that is preventing us from living the life we can.  It is important to identify that part of us so that we can acknowledge, accept, forgive, and then transform – transforming the dark energy within us is crucial for our emotional outlook; transforming our outlook is critical to our health, well-being, and happiness.  It takes just the slightest word, thought, or event to veer us off our course.  And so it becomes imperative to always be able to find that something, that hand to hold when we are tumbling, and tap into it, to keep us grounded, reminding us of our most worthy, loveable, strongest, and best selves.  Whenever I feel a twinge of that darkness, I just go and look at the big vase of daisies sitting on my bay window sill. Now there will always be daisies in my house.



Added note:  If you are interested, the hand I reached for belongs to Christel Hughes.

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