Sometimes you just have to say, “It is what it is.”

“Take things as they come.”  “Be present.”  “Live the moment.”  All great drops of advice and all important to having peace in your heart.  So why is it that we have such a difficult time doing them?  Many of us analyze, over analyze, think, and over think why certain events and relationships happen in our lives.  We are stuck on not only the fact that they happened, but on the why.  After all, everything happens for a reason.  But is it so important to know that reason?  Can’t we just accept that it happened and look for what it has shown us, taught us, and how it has helped us grow? 

If there was ever a statement that strongly resonated with me it would be Caroline Myss’ words: “Let me give up the need to know why things happen as they do. I will never know and constant wondering is constant suffering.” I spent years trying to find the reason why something happened, why I made the choice I did, why things had worked out as they had.  It was so painful and I suffered greatly.  Living in the past or holding on to a fantasy is such a waste of energy. And it causes great hardship. Trying to decipher all the meanings in our personal universe is exhausting and we may not find all the answers we seek, or want for that matter. The search could be enlightening, but most often we feel anguish, sadness, and heartbreak when we remain in that search for the reasons why.

We all make mistakes.  We all experience some emotional trauma. We all suffer.  But we have the power, the choice, to free ourselves from that pain.  I have often joked with friends about how it is time to get off misery road, that it is within our power to change the trajectory of our lives. We must choose to be vigilant and redirect our thoughts away from the questions of why something happened, why a relationship soured, why a person is the way they are, why a job didn’t work out,  why we had to lose a loved one… why our life is the way it is.  The best thing we can do for ourselves is give up the need to know why things happen as they do and just accept that they did, that they are as they are now.  Just accept and allow the lesson. I dislike the expression, “It is what it is,” but it is the truth, and I find myself thinking or saying those words a lot lately.   

So turn off of misery road and turn on to the road of joy, of happiness, of contentment, and of peace.  Turn off your wondering mind. Cease the inquiry. Give up the need to know the why and concentrate on what is – focus on the present moment, and then focus on each subsequent moment as you experience life.  “Take things as they come.” “Be present.” “Live the moment.”  Accept this very moment and all that it holds for you.  Peace of mind and soul can be yours. It is your choice.

it is within our power to change the trajectory of our lives

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Intention to Heal

There is a movement afoot. We are all searching, seeking that which will help us move forward and out of the hurt, out of the pain. So many paths to explore… Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Acupuncture, Massage, Energy work, Past Lives, Angels, Akashic Records… and more… so many modalities to help us heal. But first we must want that. 
We must want to heal and commit to our healing.


set the intention to heal



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Now Is The Perfect Moment

now is the perfect moment



Everything about everything I read or see is telling me to let go of everything except what is directly in front of me, what is in this very moment.  How easy it is to just center yourself on what it is that is happening just within your fingertips’ reach.  No need to think about what happened a few minutes ago, or yesterday, or last year, or ten years ago for that matter.  No need to worry or become anxious about what will be tomorrow, or the next day, or next year, or in the distant future.  Now is the moment that we must live.  It is the perfect time to take note of your feelings, assess where you are in all aspects of your life. Because in an instant, everything will change.



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It is always about love…

It is raining. The heavens have opened up and are washing the earth and all of us on it. These past few weeks have been so extraordinarily difficult for so many of us. We, the sensitive creatures, have felt every ripple of energy – every aspect of the solar flares, eclipses, cardinal cross, and whatever else may have been contributing to the hyper calibrated sense of our worlds.

Now it is almost as if the rain is flushing away all of what does not serve our highest good. All of those emotions and struggles and lapses of self-confidence, confusion about ourselves and our sense of purpose, are now streaming away from us – and we are left with our true selves, our true essence. All those last vestiges of the labels and identifiers of who we might be are being gently stripped away… delicately rinsed from our bodies like fine sand… we see each granule, each part of ourselves falling away now. Tears are flowing like the rain – we mourn for those parts of us that we thought we were or thought we wanted to be. But the universe and almighty spirit has another plan for us. And it is from that place in the heavens that the Great Spirit itself pours out love and helps us rinse off all that is not of that highest vibration.

It is always about love. We must teach love, show love, be love… always being on the path and being aware of love’s guiding light that paves our way.




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88 Times Is The Charm!

It is a grey day. I did not sleep very well last night and so I am tired. But it is a “writing” day and so I must get in the frame of mind to work on a blog post or perhaps on a chapter of my “long form” writing project.  I am really trying to just get into my flow and to do that I do a bit of a yoga stretch, and some breathing to help ease me into that centered, calm place.  I think to myself how nice it would be to have a little music to inspire me through these exercises.

I am now at my computer writing.  Secluded in my office and with headphones on my ears, I am cocooned and look through my itunes for music to listen to that will set the tone for my work. Thinking about the yoga stretch, breathe, flow exercise, I am looking at what songs I want to use to create that playlist I had thought about earlier. Maybe I will put 4 or 5 songs on it total.  I am looking through the recently played songs and somehow my attention is on a list that tells me how many times each song has been played…  I see one has been played 88 times. Well, knowing my affinity to the number 8, I had to see what in fact had that most amount of plays.  It was Shawn Colvin’s “Get out of this house.”  88 times… I thought to myself, “there must be some message here,”  “maybe this is my anthem!”

For those of us of a particular generation, the unmistakable first bars for the theme of the movie Rocky evokes in us the memory of what that character had to do, the drive he had, what he had to overcome to become the champion that he knew he was inside.

We all need anthems to become champions of ourselves.  Music is a great motivational force.  We are drawn to different types of music, different songs, melodies, poetry…  We look to music to score and accompany our moods – Joyful music when we are happy and melancholy melodies when we are not.  Certain lyrics might exactly express how we are feeling at a given moment or period of our life.  You might be drawn to a particular song for so many reasons.  Perhaps there is a hidden message and you keep listening to the song until you get it. We look for music that we can identify with, that will spur us on…be there to inspire us, soothe us, provide the emotional net for us to fall into or to leap from.

I know we all have had songs that bring up a memory, that whenever we hear that particular song we remember something deeply and on a soul level.  Cassette tapes, CD’s, and now playlists are all reflective of and are a musical snapshot of our lives, almost marking periods and distinguishing eras.  I go back to some of the playlists and quite frankly, cannot listen to them anymore.  I see that I have come so far.  And then there are the CD’s that I listened to when I was pregnant with my children… the ones I later listened to with them in my arms and bopped around the house, the music that I used when I danced, the songs that I listened to just to help me through.  All stir something inside me.

So what is the message Shawn Colvin has been trying to give to me or is it an anthem to all that I am feeling?  The simplistic answer is that it is telling me that all those sad feelings and negative thoughts that I have been dwelling in, all the things I have been trying to let go of, that I should let go of, I need to get them out of  “my house,” my head, my consciousness.  And clearly it took hearing the words and its driving melody 88 times to finally recognize the message! And so it is my anthem now.  Anything that causes me stress or anger or despair, I put on the song and let it help remind me to just direct it all out of this house of mine.  Perhaps the song itself stands as a metaphor for something bigger than this moment; maybe it speaks to a philosophy for the journey itself.  But for now I will take the simple route, for sometimes less is really more, and simple is the best answer.  Oh and by the way, in case you didn’t know, the theme for Rocky is titled “Gonna Fly Now.”

we all need anthems.jpg

Links for songs!

Shawn Colvin – Get Out Of This House –

Theme from Rocky – Gonna Fly Now –




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When Things Come Up

We go through life almost on automatic. Our body manages to sustain itself – all our systems operate healthily we hope, and we awake and glide through our days to wind down and lay our heads to rest at night.

Our human experiences begin from the moment we are conceived.  In the womb we have a consciousness.  Though we may not have any sense of that time, each moment is indelibly imprinted.  We are born and live our lives, each of us our own adventure, each of us our own individual story to tell.  We form our ideas and thoughts.  We discover what we want, what we dream and desire.  We strive for the things that we think are important, that will make us happy, successful, and loved.

But for most of us, there is a glitch, an imperfection, a bump in our road, an obstacle that throws us off course, or prevents us from achieving something that we aspire towards.  There are things that don’t sit well with us, that cause us stress, or pain.  And there are things that though we try to avoid them, they keep coming up. (more…)

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Shifting to Our Higher Self

I read somewhere that each incarnation is just a different aspect of our self, perhaps another version, or even a better vestige of who we are meant to be.  It is an interesting perspective with regard to past lives.  That with each lifetime, we become more invested in our soul and its journey, exploring unknowingly each contract and path, with an open heart and eye, and with the knowledge that all of our aspects will in the end come together, and we will evolve into one enlightened being, that we will fold or merge in to our higher self.

I have this image of multiple me’s.   Like when you stand between two mirrors – a mirror in front of you and behind you – you can see a hundred images of yourself, each fragmented in your limited perception, as you cannot fully see every one of you.  I began to think of the soul as an accordion.  Each fold another experience, another aspect, age.  (more…)

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Seeing Your Life As It Is

We all see our world the way we want it to be.  We color our days with the words and images that reinforce our idea of what we think our life should be like.  But what we really need to do is see our world as it is.  This means really being in the present moment, really understanding what each moment offers.  This is what being present is about -opening your eyes – opening your heart – opening every cell in your body to whatever the experience you are living may be. (more…)

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