My Soul Got Lost for a Little While…

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I often wonder how I got to this place… through all the trials and tribulations… how I somehow continued despite the derailment, the heartbreak, and the shattering of dreams.  I did manage to survive it all, and to arrive here in this moment where I can see the blessings in my life, where I can see the beauty, where my heart is open with gratitude, and where my soul is at peace.




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“I’m not a girl. I’m a storm with skin.”

That’s me.  I am an ever-changing emotional weather system.  My moods and outlook shift like the winds, one minute I am brimming with bright, smiley happiness, and the next I am a sorrowful, depleted and tearful shell of myself.   I think I have always been like this – high-strung, sensitive, emotional.  Things tend to always really affect me. And as the Mermaid that I am, I swim to the depths of my heart and soul, and in those caverns, feeling things so deeply, it takes all my strength to just breathe in my own darkness.  So intense and profound are my thoughts that I cannot help but to find a way to express them.  That is the creative artist in me. I am compelled to process what I feel, give voice to my perspective of my world. The storms inside me rage and are their own systems in that they have to work their way through.  I think all women are like this.  Some do not admit their vulnerability; some put on masks that give the illusion that everything is fine.  But the truth when I begin talking about my own experiences, my light rain showers, thunderstorms, violent lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes, and then the most difficult and completely unpredictable earthquakes, is that there is not a single woman who has not experienced something that rattles her very core.  Anyone who tells you differently is just simply not telling the truth.  I thought for a long time that it was just me that had these thoughts, had these doubts, questions about who I was or was suppose to be.  But we are all on that same journey. We all swim those same waters when it comes to discovering who we are and our purpose.  Every generation of women has had the very same questions and the very same experiences.  But no one talks about it.  Imagine how less isolated and fearful we would be if someone did let us in on that big secret, that we are all just storms with skin.



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You are the Greatness!

10406676_336069323251273_7123511049257581877_nYou are the greatness…. the beauty…. the stars in the sky…  We are living in an amazing time where we have the opportunity to connect and be one, collectively and globally.  The technology is here and the internet and social media provide the threads of which we can weave a new paradigm, a new world.  Today marks the launch of The Wellness Universe Directory.  I am very excited to be a part of this new resource of facebook pages and websites!  Hope, encouragement, inspiration, health and wellness, education…. it is all here for you!  Be a part of the shift and The Wellness Universe!



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We are as vast in our complexity and possibilities as the ocean itself.

All of us are so intricately designed and woven… our synapses, the energy that ignites our thoughts, so distinctive. Our emotional heart bodies, vulnerable and broken open. Our varied physicalness embodies infinite forms.  Our paths, each of us following our personal unique code, are expansive and only limited by our own belief in who we are and who we can be. We are the rushing of the tides. We are as vast in our complexity and possibilities as the ocean itself.

we are as vast in our complexity

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Swim On!

Swimming through the currents of life can be quite difficult at times. The turbulent waters can be challenging, the rough and choppy rushing of the waves can undermine the strongest of foundations, testing our resolve, our confidence, and our very outlook. Not one of us is immune to the tangled ropes, the discomfort of walking rocky shores, the sting of seaweed wrapped around our mermaid forms, or even the bite from a fellow soul of the sea. Yet despite the thrashing waters, we must remain steadfast in our journey. We must learn the lessons we are to learn, find the calm within our personal storm, and without a glance back, swim on.


swim on

What Is It With The Crows?

The other day a flock of crows, actually a murther which has morphed into the term murder of crows, due to their scavenging nature, gathered in the trees in our yard. At first I gulped and my heart skipped a beat. I was immediately fearful letting my superstitions take me hostage. Everything I knew about crows signaled a bad omen and death. And I had just booked travel to Europe so I was sufficiently freaked out. But my friend who I was walking with said no, that the crows signified something much more valuable and that I should google the crow as a spirit animal and see what symbol and message this group of birds had for me. And so I did.

The first thing I found was this: “The crow is a spirit animal associated with life mysteries and magic.  The power of this bird as totem and spirit guide is to provide insight and means of supporting intentions. A sign of luck, it is also associated with the archetype of the trickster; be aware of deceiving appearances.  If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic.”

Well that was a great start. It eased my initial fears at least. As I continued to read, I learned that the crow is fearless, another good sign for me. I thought it was interesting that they build their nests in very tall trees so they can get a better vision or perspective on their world. A higher perspective definitely worked for me, who always is trying to figure out what things mean and why they happen. The crow, as a spirit guide, remember does guide you to getting in touch with life’s mysteries. It guides you to develop your ability to perceive the subtle shifts in energy within yourself and your environment. It encourages you to develop your personal power and speak your truth. So why fear this bird that appears to be the very sign I needed to break through my personal anxiety and fear of not just this impending trip, but in my life as a whole?

That old superstition of being a bad omen or foretelling death, that is of the ancient culture and era. We are entering into a new era where we are stripping away layers of our old selves, old beliefs, and old ways. The crow brings a message of this “passing” and the birth of our new paradigm. This “passing” can come in the form of many changes – job, relationship, or personal revelation.

And just when I think I can take a deep breath and a sigh of relief, I barely sleep a wink and wake up in a jumble of nerves to the sound of you guessed it, crows! I am trying really hard to see the enlightened symbolism. I am trying not to be deceived by the fear that lives inside me. I am told to see the crow as bringing blessed change. I am to listen closely to the caw for the message and then prepare myself to release all that has been impeding my path, and be poised to enter a new dimension of being, and fly, just as the crow.



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Who Am I Anyway?

Who am I?  We can all answer that question in regards to what roles we play: whether we are a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a child, what kind of work we do, what kind of service we are committed to. The background we come from, the education we have, everything seems to define who we are. I am a mother, daughter, sister, and spouse. I am inspired to connect to and express my creative voice through writing and to nurture and facilitate others to be inspired and find their own creative muse.   I support certain charities, giving my time and resources. These are the responsibilities and obligations, the commitments I have to my life.

“But the roles we play, things we do, cultures we come from, or labels we put on ourselves are not accurate answers to the question.”

Christine Hassler, in an article from The Daily Love, speaks about who we are in terms of our true essence. She goes on to say, “You are not what you do. You are not who you are with. You are not the roles you play in life.  You are not your family, religion or race. You are not your age. You are not your gender. You are not your resume of jobs, interests and experiences.”

So Who Am I? What is my true essence?

I was speaking with someone yesterday and she commented how much I give to everyone around me and asked if I have anything left for myself.

Yes, I am a giver.   I am loving, nurturing, and care deeply. I am generous, compassionate, thoughtful, and sensitive. I am inspired to be intuitive and creative. I strive to be authentic and present.

These aspects of me are apparent in all that I do. It is my core essence that informs others of who I really am, my innate nature radiating in every facet of my life.   The ‘roles’ are just the ‘forms’ that my essence takes.

1596991_601010053314368_1456604961_oHassler writes, “We get way to obsessed with form and want to know what we are supposed to do as our life’s purpose. Your purpose is not something you can do; it is only something you can be.  And when you know who you truly are and bring forward those qualities that are your true essence more and more in everything you do, the more you will attract the forms that are most aligned with who you really are.”

It is our essence, our soul, that will direct us to our soul’s purpose. It is pure and true and informs us of what resonates with our hearts.   It is our essence that is the key to our passion and joy, and to our being content with all that is our life.









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There is a Process for Everything

There are just some days when everything feels like it is falling apart.  The emotional chaos seems too much to bare, and the reveal of how deeply painful it all is plunges you down into the darkest cave.  You try to see light and hold on to all the inspiration you have memorized and planted.  The “everything happens for a reason,” “there is a lesson in everything,” and “trust the universe,” all feel so shallow, your faith and belief are clouded. What are you clinging to that is holding you in this vibration and preventing your joyous energy to flow?  What if the one thing that you are holding on to so intensely is, when let go, the very piece that will balance everything else into place, and the flow of ease will be restored? (more…)

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