Set Your Vibration

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Every thought, feeling, sound, or action from us contributes to the nature of the vibration that emanates from our body.  The truth is that we can attract similar energy vibrations to us.  Have you ever been with a group of friends where the joy is so infectious that your belly hurt from all the laughter?  Or conversely with a friend who was sad, and you felt that sadness in your own heart and soul.  It is so important to be mindful of our energy and what vibrational message we are sending out.  Breathing is the first step to our becoming aware of our energetic signature.  Just breathing deeply, fully, in complete cycles of inhalation and exhalation, will help get our energy moving. Another really helpful practice, is to each morning before you do anything else, wake up your body.  Spend the time each and every morning to ground and center yourself.  Whether it is a simple stretch sequence or a personal yoga practice,  spend the first few minutes of each day becoming mindful of how you feel – body, mind, heart, and soul.   Scan your body as you stretch, as you breathe… Notice where the kinks are, notice what thoughts are getting stuck, and breathe and move through it. Get your energy flowing.  Set your vibration to receive joy, happiness, patience, love… whatever it is that you want to embrace you. 

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To That From Which We Came

We begin our very physical existence in water.  It is in the womb that we are surrounded by the gentle, soothing fluid that allows our consciousness to develop, our human-ness to form. 

There is something so beautiful, natural, and serene about being one with the nature of life itself.  There is an inherent truth to an integral return to that from which we came, that from which we developed and discovered ourselves, that from which our consciousness is at home and one with.  It is the very nature of our mermaid soul…

Returning to our natural states is as necessary as the air we must breathe to live, as the sustenance we require to exist as a complete and conscious body.  It is there that we can awaken to our greatest power and potential.

Life crashes us with its thunderous surf.  It lulls us with its tides.  It pushes us with its currents.  We only need to look at the waters to understand the vulnerability and strength within us.  We only need to dive deeply into where we came from to recover the treasures that are within our hearts and souls. 

Breathe and anchor yourself in the rush of each present wave… surrender to the flow… allow the sea to carry you, just as it did at your very beginning. 

breathe and anchor yourself

I Find Myself, Searching

I find myself searching.  I find myself, searching.  Searching for a light, a path, a way to personal peace, serenity, happiness.  The sun rises and the skies brighten; yet I awake with a heavy heart, my soul unsettled, it questions.  With both feet on the ground now I take stock of how I feel.  My muscles and joints ache.  There is sadness in my heart. And so I begin the daily search – I breathe, deep breaths, to cleanse my soul, cleanse my energy.  I reach my arms to the heavens to stretch my physical form, allowing my very breath to infiltrate and then fill every cell with the purity of the love that I hold within.  I feel somewhat centered now and so move on with my day.  But there is still that scent of sadness.  It is as if there is on one shoulder, my left, a bubble of happiness, and on the right, one of sadness.  And it is so much easier to look to the right.  And when I do, I find sadness just sitting and waiting.

I have tried many paths, searched for answers, solutions, ways to stave off the sadness, find happiness, heal my heart. I have searched with astrology, numerology, psychic readings, channeled readings, shamanic healings, energy clearings, Akashic Record Readings, past life readings, Jin Shin Jyutsu, yoga, meditation, aryuveda, Chinese medicine, and Marconics.  I search for a pathway that allows me to successfully search and find myself.  All of these pathways provide a light to our deepest insight, our deepest dreams, our deepest darkness.  They are all in their own right miraculous in that they do for those moments in time somehow break through and shatter the sadness, helping to balance and align the mind, body, and soul, allowing new insight and perspective, and often a new outlook on life itself.

The searching and finding is a process, a journey, a metaphor for life. If we live presently in each moment, search moment to moment for that peace, serenity and happiness, we can be at ease with our life and ourselves.  We can turn our heads to the left, and live in that happiness bubble – because in the present there is no worry or anxiety about what is coming or what may be, there is only what is.  We are truly capable of breathing in love and balance.  We can taste presence, and the greatness we hold for ourselves within.  So search. Search high and low. Do not leave any path untried. Search the heavens and the stars and the oceans and the shores. Search deeply within. And find yourself.


Resources for healing:

Jin Shin Jyutsu  –

Marconics  –

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Dive Deep

it's time to ask yourself.jpgI have been pondering one of my catch phrases …. “Dive deep.” Meaning is a subjective thing. We give everything in our life meaning by the value we place on it.   So I asked myself, what is the value of diving deep into my heart and soul? The painful unraveling of the puzzle of who I am, chiseling the layers of self protection to discover that essence, where every breath, if I let it, helps shatter the illusions, the non truths, inviting me to reach for and grasp my very passion and purpose that I am diving for, to find and live in alignment and balance.

We dive for the inspiration to get through our day, our life. We dive for answers to our many questions. We dive with our mermaid sisters so we can know that we are not alone, that we are supported and loved though our journey is fraught with emotional undertows.

We dive deeply into our selves so that we may find our highest and greatest good, so that we can know peace and joy in our soul. For when we follow our passion, we indeed find our purpose and then our world all at once makes perfect sense. Dive deep…


Water Note #5

don't just tread water.jpgSometimes I feel stuck and that I am not able to break free of the patterns and thoughts that keep me from moving forward. It feels like I am just treading water – keeping my head just above the surface… just enough so that I can see things around me and breathe. But that is not what I want my life to be. I want to move forward, swim into the currents of all life has to offer. I want to splash in the ebbs and flows of the tides, feel all the joy and love. I want to swim in the sea of life!

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88 Times Is The Charm!

It is a grey day. I did not sleep very well last night and so I am tired. But it is a “writing” day and so I must get in the frame of mind to work on a blog post or perhaps on a chapter of my “long form” writing project.  I am really trying to just get into my flow and to do that I do a bit of a yoga stretch, and some breathing to help ease me into that centered, calm place.  I think to myself how nice it would be to have a little music to inspire me through these exercises.

I am now at my computer writing.  Secluded in my office and with headphones on my ears, I am cocooned and look through my itunes for music to listen to that will set the tone for my work. Thinking about the yoga stretch, breathe, flow exercise, I am looking at what songs I want to use to create that playlist I had thought about earlier. Maybe I will put 4 or 5 songs on it total.  I am looking through the recently played songs and somehow my attention is on a list that tells me how many times each song has been played…  I see one has been played 88 times. Well, knowing my affinity to the number 8, I had to see what in fact had that most amount of plays.  It was Shawn Colvin’s “Get out of this house.”  88 times… I thought to myself, “there must be some message here,”  “maybe this is my anthem!”

For those of us of a particular generation, the unmistakable first bars for the theme of the movie Rocky evokes in us the memory of what that character had to do, the drive he had, what he had to overcome to become the champion that he knew he was inside.

We all need anthems to become champions of ourselves.  Music is a great motivational force.  We are drawn to different types of music, different songs, melodies, poetry…  We look to music to score and accompany our moods – Joyful music when we are happy and melancholy melodies when we are not.  Certain lyrics might exactly express how we are feeling at a given moment or period of our life.  You might be drawn to a particular song for so many reasons.  Perhaps there is a hidden message and you keep listening to the song until you get it. We look for music that we can identify with, that will spur us on…be there to inspire us, soothe us, provide the emotional net for us to fall into or to leap from.

I know we all have had songs that bring up a memory, that whenever we hear that particular song we remember something deeply and on a soul level.  Cassette tapes, CD’s, and now playlists are all reflective of and are a musical snapshot of our lives, almost marking periods and distinguishing eras.  I go back to some of the playlists and quite frankly, cannot listen to them anymore.  I see that I have come so far.  And then there are the CD’s that I listened to when I was pregnant with my children… the ones I later listened to with them in my arms and bopped around the house, the music that I used when I danced, the songs that I listened to just to help me through.  All stir something inside me.

So what is the message Shawn Colvin has been trying to give to me or is it an anthem to all that I am feeling?  The simplistic answer is that it is telling me that all those sad feelings and negative thoughts that I have been dwelling in, all the things I have been trying to let go of, that I should let go of, I need to get them out of  “my house,” my head, my consciousness.  And clearly it took hearing the words and its driving melody 88 times to finally recognize the message! And so it is my anthem now.  Anything that causes me stress or anger or despair, I put on the song and let it help remind me to just direct it all out of this house of mine.  Perhaps the song itself stands as a metaphor for something bigger than this moment; maybe it speaks to a philosophy for the journey itself.  But for now I will take the simple route, for sometimes less is really more, and simple is the best answer.  Oh and by the way, in case you didn’t know, the theme for Rocky is titled “Gonna Fly Now.”

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Links for songs!

Shawn Colvin – Get Out Of This House –

Theme from Rocky – Gonna Fly Now –




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Stormy Weather

i'm not a girl, i'm a storm with skin.jpg“I’m not a girl.  I’m a storm with skin.”

That’s me.  I am an ever-changing emotional weather system.  My moods and outlook shift like the winds, one minute I am brimming with bright, smiley happiness, and the next I am a sorrowful, depleted and tearful shell of myself.   I think I have always been like this – high-strung, sensitive, emotional.  Things tend to always really affect me. And as the Mermaid that I am, I swim to the depths of my heart and soul, and in those caverns, feeling things so deeply, it takes all my strength to just breathe in my own darkness.  So intense and profound are my thoughts that I cannot help but to find a way to express them.  That is the creative artist in me. I am compelled to process what I feel, give voice to my perspective of my world. The storms inside me rage and are their own systems in that they have to work their way through.  I think all women are like this.  Some do not admit their vulnerability; some put on masks that give the illusion that everything is fine.  But the truth when I begin talking about my own experiences, my light rain showers, thunderstorms, violent lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes, and then the most difficult and completely unpredictable earthquakes, is that there is not a single woman who has not experienced something that rattles her very core.  Anyone who tells you differently is just simply not telling the truth.  I thought for a long time that it was just me that had these thoughts, had these doubts, questions about who I was or was suppose to be.  But we are all on that same journey. We all swim those same waters when it comes to discovering who we are and our purpose.  Every generation of women has had the very same questions and the very same experiences.  But no one talks about it.  Imagine how less isolated and fearful we would be if someone did let us in on that big secret, that we are all just storms with skin.





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Each day the sun rises and we begin anew.  The light of the morning begins to warm our bodies and soothe our souls.  Our breath flows and we see the wonders of the universe around us.  In the passage of the night we not only sleep, but dream, and restore our most delicate spirits, downloading all that we need to assess, sort out, file, and gain perspective on, giving us the opportunity to reset our hearts, and be ready to meet the morning and the next set of emotional, spiritual, and physical tests that await us. (more…)

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