Water Note #2

Water is to a mermaid what air is to a mortal woman. But water serves an even deeper metaphorical role. It is the life sustaining force.  It represents the womb and a woman’s capacity for birthing not only a child, but more importantly, and more necessarily, herself.  Each bubble that first rises so frantically and quickly as if it were itself in a panic, thought to being drowned and suffocated, slows to the realization that this is a process of life and each bubble represents an event, a memory, a cellular or energetic imprint, a relationship, a greatness or tragedy, each bubble manifests itself as a tear, and a stream of bubbles a stream of tears, a torrent of emotion pouring out, washing out and away the pain, leaving only the ease of breath and the acceptance of the present moment, of being at peace,  immersed in tranquility and clarity.

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The Ritual of Living

You have to sit in the place you are in before you can go to the place you want to be…

I was inspired to go to a yoga class the other day.  It was a salutations class – a salutation to the moon ritual.  What was wonderful about it was that it turned out to be a small group of women and each of us seemed to be deeply rooted and focused in the art of the salutation, and the search for peace, tranquility, and a deeper connection to our selves.  There was a lightness of spirit in the space – mainly because the teacher, a beautiful soul, led us through the ritual in such a gentle and intuitive way.

And so I am reflecting now on the class and see that the ritual is really not at all about the salutations as salutations to the moon, but about finding that place and space within us, creating that openness and humility in our selves, and honoring our own souls as if we were ourselves the moon. (more…)

Water Note #1

I am underwater.  But in the final moment of submersion, when the bubbles begin to ascend ever so slowly and at longer intervals, there is a clarity that is unveiled.  My eyes wide open, first unable to see the light bouncing from the sun to the sand, now can follow the artful glimmers dancing in such a beautiful arc.  There is no mistaking that moment where nothing is obscured and everything is crystallized.

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Just Dive In!

Into your heart and soul you must dive deeply and fearlessly.  There is no other way.  I often think about my childhood – diving into the swimming pool, plunging into the ocean from the perfect perch on our family’s sailboat.  I was so courageous then.  I would stand, planning my smooth entrance into the water, taking in the other divers around me, watching how the sunlight bounced off the bottom, reflecting back to me all my bravado and beckoning to me to just dive in. (more…)

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Fearlessly Diving Deep: The Story Behind I Must Be A Mermaid

I have always loved the sea. From my tender years, I would feel the salt-spray on my skin, taste the warm Biscayne Bay waters that would come to help soothe me, and inhale the air that filled me with energy and perspective. Boating, sailing in particular, has always been an important part of my life. I was my own master on my sailing vessels, pointing to catch the wind so that I could race as fast as I could, feeling the strong and subtle breezes surround me, moving me forward. Owning my independence and solitude, I could navigate my world at hand.

It is then no real surprise to me that I was lured by the idea of being a mermaid… (more…)

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