Diving Into Grief

I am grief stricken.

My heart swells with an emptiness only filled with tears.

I cling, but to what?

The words that inspired me,

held me together,

kept me moving forward

are empty….

their vapid intentions devoid of anything

interesting or

worthwhile or


That is the thing…


Hope must be in your heart,

in your mind,

in your soul. 

There must be some degree,

some inkling of hope that can serve

as a knot in the thread

that stops you from falling…..


falling into that abyss of sadness and pain.

Grief can be a lonely path,

an isolated journey. 

So you have to open your heart and shed your tears.

You must believe in love and heaven

and forgiveness and angels and messages from

somewhere beyond where you can see.

You must dive deep into your soul

and reach out for that sliver of hope that is hiding –

as if in a game of hide and seek – wanting to be found,

just as you want to be loved,

just as you want to be saved,

just as you want to be.

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I Am of The Sea

i am laid out in my full glorious form


I am of the sea,

my body

sea foam and sparkling algae,

rises to the surface

each time the sun

greets the waves’ cresting arch.

I am of the sea,

I am water through and through,

I glide,

I shimmer,

I float.

I ride the ebbs and flows,

I am carried as a child in its mother’s womb,

the tide, washing me out and ashore

cleansing all that is not necessary,

all that does not belong to water,

out of me.

The tide rolls in and kisses the shore,

and I am laid out in my full glorious form,

wrung through the layers of sea and sand,

each granule and drop tells me a secret,

tells me from where my soul comes.

I dance as the water crests in the light,

I bounce and jump

delighting in the charged water

that gives life

and peace

and love.

I am at home in the ocean,

I am at ease with the tides,

I am of the sea.



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Precious Soul

Precious soul,
you are filled with so much love
yet your light flickers in the struggle to be earthbound.
You say that it is hard to be in this body,
that you feel like you are detached in aspects of your day to day life exercises,
and I embrace your sweet hearted form and hold you tightly,
hoping that my light will help give yours a stronger flame,
that my energy will give you the strength to weather your daily storms.

Precious soul,
we were warriors in a past life,
family or lovers in another,
I feel your pain as my own,
I feel your heart as mine,
I hear your soul cries and am here to guide you through the rough seas,
through the turbulence and swells at the depth of your ocean,
at the depths of your heart and soul.

Precious soul,
do not fear,
you are not alone,
I am with you,
and I embrace you with love.

Twinkle Toed Sunset

I watched the sun set to the sea.

And the fireflies dance along the wildflowers.

The sky was a deep pink, red, and blue pastel

Shaded in hues beyond a rainbow’s.

The tiny flash of golden light twinkle toed.

It dotted and sparkled

As it lyrically played in the field.

The moon had risen and the first star shone,

Beckoning “I wish I may I wish I might”

For the dreams to wish come true this night.

The sky now richer and darker than its earlier self,

Echoed thoughts of how with each day

We too are a deeper version of ourselves.

Each sunrise and sunset informs us

Of wisdom and lessons learned,

Truths remain constant in the morning light,

Illusions fall away, having no air to breathe and grow.

Life is here and now with those who love and nurture and honor

The light that twinkles and dances as the firefly within us all.


Moonlight’s Embrace

sweet dreams my soul2.jpgIt is in the moonlight that my mind wanders

And my heart opens to all the sadness and sorrow in my soul.

During the day the hours and minutes and seconds tick by

Full of busy and chores,

Each day compacted into tasks

Checked off the list or moved to “to do” for tomorrow.

It is in the moonlight that my thoughts race

And my soul cries for all the things that it feels

Or does not have, or cannot do, or change.

The silver streams in the sky beckon me to close my eyes,

They promise peace in my dreams

Where all will be right and all is good.

Sweet dreams my soul,

Let me be cradled in the moon’s embrace,

Where I can repair my heart,

And drift in the lullaby of love.

Twilight Butterfly

In the twilight of the dawn I saw a winged creature dancing in my bed where I had slept –

a translucent butterfly, its wings fluttered only for an instant.

It was an apparition.

And I wondered for a moment if I had seen it at all,

as it vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

It is not often that I see butterflies on my bed,

or have visions of things,

things meant for me to see to bring me a message of sorts.

It sparkled for a moment

as if it were electrically charged,

its wings vibrating so fast so that it could only be visible for the instance that I claimed it as my messenger.

It signaled clarity and understanding,

and it opened my eyes to what my soul had been trying to tell me.

As the butterfly had been a creature transformed,

my own transformation was nearly complete,

and on its heals,

my acceptance of a new perspective.

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I am awake!

I see the light from the morning sun streaming its energy to all of the earth and its creatures.

I feel tingling –it is the vibration of the universe’s own soul.

The collective love reverberates from our core to the galaxy and back to us again bringing with it the consciousness and heart that guides and nudges us to seek the most important thing – our selves.

The smell of the morning dew is so sweet.

I reach my arms up and take a deep breath….

My fingertips sense the promise of a new day full of infinite possibilities.

I can taste peace in the air and hope it will linger throughout the day in my soul.

I am acutely aware of my breath – the sound of inhaling all that is and exhaling all that is not – love.

I stand fully present, aware, grounded in who I am…. awake.




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I Am

I am


my heart heavy

my soul

unable to

refuse the memories


infuse my body.

Every cell



events and breaks

light and wounds,

the imprints


My energy bleeds,

I must

stop the deep


rooted thoughts

and ancestral threads

that bind my

body and spirit.

With gentle waves

I cleanse

and wash the pain,

watch it clear

as it serpentines

in a current of blue

spiraling away


And at last

I am



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