About ‘I Must Be A Mermaid’

I have always loved the sea. From my tender years, I would feel the salt-spray on my skin, taste the warm Biscayne Bay waters that would come to help soothe me, and inhale the air that filled me with energy and perspective. Boating, sailing in particular, has always been an important part of my life. I was my own master on my sailing vessels, pointing to catch the wind so that I could race as fast as I could, feeling the strong and subtle breezes surround me, moving me forward. Owning my independence and solitude, I could navigate my world at hand.

It is then no real surprise to me that I was lured by the idea of being a mermaid… especially the mermaid of Anais Nin’s literature, where she is known for “providing deeply explorative insight into her personal life and relationships”. I am no stranger to diving deep into my soul, my inner self. The water was my playground and I could be found in its depths. Writing, too, has always been a part of who I am. From a very young age I have been putting ideas to paper – poems and songs, speaking of all the things in the world that touched my heart. In exploring the worlds of journalism, short stories, plays, and screenplays, I continued to weave rich threads into my writer’s tapestry, my young voice experimenting with mediums of language and imagery.

Life, like the ocean is a constant ebb and flow. We are in perpetual transformation. This journey is not always easy or comfortable, and in the efforts to bolster and inspire myself to persevere, weather the storms, stand in my power, in my light; I discovered that I was bolstering and inspiring others to do the same.

I Must Be A Mermaid is the blending of my own personal soul searching with the inspirations and insights that I first found in the community of like-minded writers, healers, and teachers on Facebook. I dove in, created my page, and found the courage to swim through whatever was in my path, giving voice to my feelings through my personal observations and writing, as well as of those that spoke to me. With my I Must Be A Mermaid blog, I will fearlessly dive deeper into the realms of my heart and soul, swimming through their waters as a mermaid immersed in the sea of life.