Water Note #2

Water is to a mermaid what air is to a mortal woman. But water serves an even deeper metaphorical role. It is the life sustaining force.  It represents the womb and a woman’s capacity for birthing not only a child, but more importantly, and more necessarily, herself.  Each bubble that first rises so frantically and quickly as if it were itself in a panic, thought to being drowned and suffocated, slows to the realization that this is a process of life and each bubble represents an event, a memory, a cellular or energetic imprint, a relationship, a greatness or tragedy, each bubble manifests itself as a tear, and a stream of bubbles a stream of tears, a torrent of emotion pouring out, washing out and away the pain, leaving only the ease of breath and the acceptance of the present moment, of being at peace,  immersed in tranquility and clarity.

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Jill Alman-Bernstein

I Must Be A Mermaid is the blending of my own personal soul searching with the inspirations and insights that I first found in the community of like-minded writers, healers, and teachers on Facebook. I dove in, created my page, and found the courage to swim through whatever was in my path, giving voice to my feelings through my personal observations and writing, as well as of those that spoke to me. With my I Must Be A Mermaid blog, I will fearlessly dive deeper into the realms of my heart and soul, swimming through their waters as a mermaid immersed in the sea of life.


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    Wow… I loved this.. so heart felt

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